Grass Valley Property Management

Let us manage your Grass Valley Rental Property

As professional property managers we study the market trends, stay current with the laws and have relationships with quality vendors to take care of your property. We are in business to manage your property, collect rents, solve maintenance problems, tenant issues and do what it takes to re-rent your property because you have other responsibilities or live distant and recognize that you may not be efficient in taking care of details associated with your rental property. As part of our work we keep your best interest and intentions in mind. You do not have to:

  • Deal with problem tenants
  • Turn over Property if repairs are needed (unless you want to do the work)
  • Emergency calls 24/7
  • We stay current on the new laws through industry publications and continuing education. Including new rent control laws and section 8 laws as well as tenants rights laws.

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What We Do As Your Grass Valley Property Manager

Grass Valley Property Manager

Property Management Services

  • Evaluate your property, the market rental rate and the properties position in the marketplace. We will not only recommend the rental rates but also provide you with competitive listings/comparables as needed
  • We are members of the California Association of Realtors. Part of that membership allows us to use their legal staff to research specific legal questions.
  • On properties with on-site managers we will meet with the manager regularly, review rent collections, rentals, maintenance, yard care, tenant issues, prepare budgets as needed and walk the vacant units.


We will advertise and promote your property in the places prospective tenants will read. We publish a weekly available rental list, list properties on our website, advertise on Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Craigslist and other free websites and promote our website.

Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

Prior to presenting a new applicant to you we will run credit checks, verify the information (credit, rental references, employment) on the rental application and qualify each tenant for your property. With the information we will then review the application with you prior to committing to the rental.

We talk to each tenant about their responsibilities to maintain their rental and have them sign our customized lease documents and specific addendums for your property. We Email letters to you and the tenants in the spring and fall reminding them to maintain yards, fire clearance areas, change smoke detector batteries, furnace filters.

Financial Management

Financial Management

We manage the rent collection process. Rents are deposited into our trust account, serve reminder late payment letters and legal notices. Trust accounts are subject to audit by the CA Bureau of Real Estate.

Security deposits are deposited in a separate trust account for safekeeping. When the tenant moves out we evaluate the cleaning and condition and costs to make the unit ready for a new tenant and charge them accordingly prior to returning the deposit.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

Monthly we send you the balance of your rent after authorized bills are paid along with copies of the bills and a statement of your income and expenses. If you desire the proceeds are deposited directly into your account. Annually 1099 forms are sent to you for your rental proceeds. We also send 1099 forms to all the vendors as required by law.

Tenant Services

Tenant Services

  • Periodic drive-by inspections are made of each property to see if the tenants are maintaining the yard and property adequately, they are notified of any deficiencies.
  • Annually we will inspect the interior of each unit (with tenants cooperation of course). We will report any deficiencies to the owner and recommend repairs as needed, this can reduce emergency calls.
  • On any move-out or new management we will assess the condition of the property and make recommendations for repairs, cleaning and preventative maintenance or future maintenance to plan for. On move-outs we identify repairs that are a tenant expense vs those that are an owner expense.
Our Maintenance Services


Tenant requests for maintenance will be assigned to the appropriate contractor if the repair is under the limit set by you (usually $450.00). For larger or more costly repairs we will get estimates for the work prior to requesting authorization from the property owner. If the problem is an emergency, we may have to get the work done and then notify the property owner.